Observational Photography

 “…finding those mundane occurrences happening all around us and visually preserving them.”   

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Event Photography

By taking your 'vision' in to account and combining our experience in the craft, we endeavor to  make sure that your pictures meet and or exceed expectations. We strive to capture those moments that you'll want to visually document and preserve.


Session Photography

Choose a shoot location that you wish to use and we'll work beside you to develop a session that will compliment both the subject and the surroundings, yielding great images.


Pictorials and Portraits

We incorporate a photo-journalistic style reminiscent of the bygone era of publications such as Life, Look and Movieland to create modern images that have a retro, vintage undertow.


Our Story, so far


Drawing inspiration from iconic greats of the past, the likes of Gordon Parks, Vivian Maier and Arthur “WeeGee” Fellig – We take an organic approach to composition whenever a camera is within reach. “Hearing the music of John Coltrane, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra or something as equally inspiring, is enough to set the tone for the moment. And as the music plays subconsciously, it instantly pens a short narrative - and the resulting photographs are a visual manifestation of that process.”  

The Experience


Over 30 years and thousands of images, have helped to develop a keen eye for composition and style - which yield memorable, if not iconic photographs.

The Photos


Regardless of the setting, location or assignment - the commitment to providing quality results remains the same and is unwavering. Please click on the link below to visit the instagram page for an ever growing portfolio of work.

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Observational Photography

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